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Hello world [Dec. 8th, 2007|09:49 pm]

Well its been far too long since my last post to even try to do a recap.  Instead I'll just start from where we are.  For very specific reasons we decided Jacob needed rice in his diet.  After feeding him rice cereal for 2 days and seeing marginal results someone suggested we give him actual rice.  Well, he's a year old, he's eating solids, why not??  So we figure that super sticky sushi rice is the way to go because that will be the easiest to eat right???   Well, whoever suggested that is prolly just sitting at home laughing hysterically at us. Jacob was COVERED in rice.  He did manage to get a bunch in his mouth I'm sure, but for the most part, we had to strip him in the high chair. 

Ok, fine, a recap.  with out checking the date, since my last post jacob has:

started pulling up and travelling along the walls. 
bumped his head a dozen times
visited the ER again with croup
been a turtle for halloween
Reverted to Nursing non-stop
forgotten to how to sleep
learned to cry in his crib
learned that we will come back to sooth him
learned to sleep for 5 and then 7 hours straight
started to nurse less
decided he loved the tasted of bananas
decided he loved the feel of squising bananas between his fingers
Gotten pink eye
Learned to climb the stairs
decided the gate at the bottom of the stairs was more fun to play with.
eaten cat food
gotten his first hair cut
tried on his first pair of shoes
cried hysterically in his first pair of shoes
Attended his first disco
enjoyed his first Thanksgiving
Turned a year old
Enjoyed cake
learned to open presents (and that the wrapping paper tastes great)

We've been having fun.  New pics are posted at www.natanson.net
I still can't believe we managed to keep a baby human alive for a full year.  There wasn't even an entry exam. Who woulda thunk?